Available FREE on iPhone, iPad and Android. From on-course behaviour, through a summary of the fundamental

Rules to the complete Rules of Golf (effective January 2016) and a new interactive quiz you’ll soon find the

answer you are looking for. 

                                                                         Golf Rules Illustrated 2016-2017 GOLF RULES ILLUSTRATED

This book contains all the Rules of the game as revised 1st January, 2016, together with over 100 illustrations

designed to provide easier understanding of those situations that cause difficulties for golfers. This essential

reference book gives guidance on every situation a player may come across including bunkers, water hazards, l

oose impediments, casual water and much more, including the new ruling on Anchored Putting that has been so

controversial. It includes descriptions of incidents that demonstrate the Rules in action and Frequently Asked

Questions to aid understanding. Written by the R&A - the game's governing body - Golf Rules Illustrated is the

perfect book for those new to the game or those who want a definitive golf Rules book in their library.                                

  DECISIONS ON THE RULES OF GOLF        Decisions on the Rules of Golf  ALSO AVAILABLE AS AN APP click here to download

Whilst many claim to know the Rules of Golf, the fact is that every year golf's governing bodies receive

thousands of inquiries about how to apply these Rules to the actual game. Decisions on the Rules of Golf 2016

clarifies any ambiguity that might arise from the Rules and allows you to correctly interpret the complete Rules

of Golf, including all new and revised decisions made by the R&A's Rules Committee and the USGA that came

into effect in 2016.

                                                                          Mastering the Rules of Golf MASTERING THE RULES OF GOLF

If you want to learn the Rules of Golf, either just for the hell of it, or to become a Referee or Rules Official, then

learning the Rules can be a slog. Fear not, though! Help is at hand. For the first time, there is a book that will

take you into the upper echelons of Rules knowledge, with lots of hints and tips that you can adapt to your own

learning style. If you are preparing for a Rules Exam it will give you the tools you need for success.